Natural Beauty: Embracing the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Trend

Everybody wants to look their best…but these days, the term best doesn’t always mean “heavily made-up.” With more and more people embracing the no-makeup makeup trend, natural beauty is taking the stage. From glossy lips to dewy skin, this trend is about loving your natural beauty and enhancing what you already have. So today, we’re taking a closer look at the ‘no makeup’ makeup trend and how you can rock makeup-free looks anytime, any place.

1. Seeing Beauty in Natural Skin

Growing up in a world that celebrates what is deemed ‘perfect skin’, it’s no wonder why many people struggle to embrace their own skin and the idea of natural beauty. After all, having skin that is subject to blemishes, discolouration, hair texture and a range of other features that may not be seen as desirable is a hard thing to accept.

Yet it is important to remember the power of the individual and the fact that each person is unique and as such their skin is naturally unique too. A single blemish does not take away from a person’s beauty, and embracing the beauty within natural skin is something that everyone should strive for. Here are some tips for those aiming to embrace their own natural beauty:

  • Stop comparing. Comparing yourself to the airbrushed images of models and celebrities on Instagram will only bring down your self-esteem. Instead, focus on yourself and other real people around you to realise that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • Be kind to yourself. Looking after yourself means more than just taking care of your skin. It’s just as important to compliment yourself and not criticise yourself too harshly for any perceived ‘flaws’.
  • Stop buying into the toxic idea of ‘beauty’. This doesn’t just mean swapping out chemical-filled beauty products. It also means not reaching for the colour correcting concealer every time you feel an imperfection appearing.
  • Stop looking for perfection. There is no such thing as perfect skin, and instead it’s important to appreciate every one of your skin’s qualities.

Learning to love and appreciate natural skin is an incredibly freeing experience, and it’s never too late to start cherishing your natural beauty. Working to understand that we are so much more than merely our skin enhances self-acceptance, and helps us to see beauty in our own skin.

2. How to Create the “No Makeup” Look

If you’re looking for a makeup look that’s subtle yet you still want something to enhance your natural beauty, the “no makeup” look is just the thing. Here’s how to achieve it.

STEP 1: Prep Your Skin

This look begins with a flawless base, so take the time to give your skin a bit of extra care. Cleanse, tone and moisturize before you start to apply any makeup, making sure your skin is prepped and hydrated.

STEP 2: Keep It Light

Applying too much product can quickly take away the no-makeup look. Instead, use minimal amounts of products like concealer and foundation – if you need them at all. Avoid heavy blusher with this look, as it’s all about a natural flush.

STEP 3: Follow up With Bronzer

Use a bronzer to add some warmth to your skin. Swirl a bronzer brush in the product, and then concentrate the product under your cheekbones, around the hairline, and on the jawline. The idea is to mimic a sun-kissed face and avoid a heavy contouring look.

STEP4: Neutral Eyes and Lips

Keep your makeup subtle and low-key with neutral and light shades. For your eyes, try applying a light brown eyeshadow into your crease for a bit of definition. Then add a light pink lipstick or gloss to complete the look.

STEP 5: Finish Your Look With Mascara (Optional)

If you’re looking for just a little extra to open up your eyes, try a couple of coats of mascara on your upper and lower lashes. You can use a brown mascara for a more natural finish.

3. Rejecting Perfectionism and Embracing Imperfection

It is time to push against perfectionism and to cultivate an embracing attitude towards imperfection. Aiming towards perfection can leave us feeling trapped and overwhelmed with the fear of failure. The constant “I can do better” attitude can detract from our ability to appreciate and enjoy our successes.

  • Understand Trapped Perfectionism – Perfectionism that leads to an endless cycle of dissatisfaction, self criticism and a fear of making mistakes is what we call trapped perfectionism.
  • Accept Imperfections – We all carry imperfections and allowing ourselves to embrace those imperfections can lead to inner transformation. To accept our imperfections is to be able to take action in the face of fear and make mistakes without punishing ourselves.
  • Integrate Our Values – A part of embracing imperfection is to be able to accept who we are and what we stand for. Integrating our values into the actions we take can help us stay true to ourselves, even if that may lead to making mistakes.
  • Celebrate Accomplishments – We should celebrate our successes, no matter how small. Looking past our imperfections and enjoying every accomplishment along the way, will lead to a greater sense of empowerment and self confidence.

The goal is not to expect too little of ourselves, but rather to appreciate ourselves as we are and to enjoy our journey, even if it may be full of imperfections.

4. Redefining the Standards of Beauty

In the past, the idea of what was considered to be ‘beautiful’ often had to do with physical appearance – long lashes, symmetrical features and slim bodies were the mainstream standards of beauty. Today, the definition of beauty has begun to shift, and it is no longer defined by the same set of rules.

We live in a world that allows us to curate who we want to be, rather than define us by societal restrictions. We’re able to break stereotypes, such as:

  • Gender roles.
  • Ethnicity.
  • Socio-economic background.
  • Age.

Through social media platforms and independently run blogs, people have gained an overwhelming amount of influence regarding how we view beauty. Though it wasn’t previously thought possible, people today can play a part in redefining society’s beauty standards. Rather than deciding what one needed to look like in order to get ‘beautiful’ affirmation, a whole new society of levels for beauty has become available.

This new beauty landscape provides a spectrum of beauty, simply based on uniqueness and the ability to freely be who we are. Our definitions of beauty have allowed us to start acknowledging each other’s idiosyncrasies and brush aside all preconceived notions and prejudices.

Beauty is no longer something that has to be defined, but rather something that can be embraced and celebrated. We are able to see that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that beauty is not restricted to just one standard. Our attitude towards beauty is reflected in the world around us – it is a world of self-love, acceptance, and a much-needed celebration.

Keep in mind that it’s you and your natural beauty that shine in any occasion. Let’s stay true to ourselves and continue to confidently embrace our natural look!

Whether you love doing a full face of makeup or prefer going bare-faced, allow yourself to play around with whatever makeup that helps bring out your naturally radiant qualities and embrace your unique beauty.

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